image: simon clark photography | @siclarkphoto

katy bateman

In 2008 I stumbled into a yoga class. I had no idea what to expect, I'd always been drawn to the idea and curious of yoga, but had never actually taken a class. At the time I was living in Hong Kong, in one of the busier parts of town, and a friend and I decided that we needed some time to get out of the hustle and bustle. In the spur of the moment, we ran to a class in a nearby studio, jumped onto the mat and were ready to chill! Within 20 minutes of class, three things became abundantly clear to me: The first, was that our spontaneous act of rocking up to class without bringing a change of clothes was a bad one- skinny jeans being a particularly bad choice. The second was that this form of 'chilling' involved A LOT more moving than initially anticipated...and lastly, I felt a connection to this intriguing practice in a way that I couldn't quiet explain.

Ditching my Levis for lululemon, I soon became a dedicated student at Pure Yoga, and am so grateful to my amazing teachers there for planting the seed of yoga in my life. Fast forward to present day, and I'm lucky enough to have helped open and manage a beautiful yoga studio in London, Union Station Yoga, as well as teaching  classes and workshops at various studios across London.

I've been lucky to study with some incredible teachers, and feel particularly blessed to have found my teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer, who's teaching based on the Anusara method have inspire my practice and classes to be creative, playful and mindful of our alignment in each asana. Students are encouraged to celebrate their limitations as much as their successes, and we'll often work in groups or pairs to explore different poses.

I was part of the team to open the first European lululemon store in Covent Garden. It's an absolute dream and privilege to come back, and be part of the family again as an ambassador.