image: simon clark photography | @siclarkphoto

katy bateman

Katy has been practicing yoga since her early 20’s, and first started teaching yoga in 2010. Her teaching style and practice has shifted and changed over this period, but has always stayed aligned and connected to the teaching principals of Anusara Yoga. Now an Anusara Inspired teacher, Katy is thrilled to share her passion for a school of yoga that has helped shaped not just her practice, but emotional and spiritual life.

Since starting her journey as a yoga teacher Katy has been given lots of exciting opportunities; she was one of the first European lululemon ambassadors which saw her teaching classes to over 300 students, and in lots of exciting venues! She continues to teach classes and workshops at Studios, festivals and events both national and internationally. She’s thrilled to team up with the wonderful Chloë Faulkner to offer retreats in Europe and globally. In 2015 Katy was fortunate to help her great friend Paula Le Dao, in opening the lovely Union Station Yoga, Battersea, where she is currently the Studio Manager.

Initially teaching children's yoga through SE London, Katy was able to combine her degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education to help children learn yoga through play, engage with their imaginations, and feel confidant expressing themselves verbally, physically and emotionally. Knowing that Yoga teaching was her true passion and calling, it was a quick progression to her YA 200 certification, under the guidance of Bridget Woods - Kramer, who Katy gratefully continues to study with and assist today.  Katy takes great pleasure applying her training as a workshop facilitator to use drama as a tool for social and emotional change, and applying the same ethos to her yoga teaching. It has helped greatly in her communication skills as a teacher, and eagerness to develop and really teach students in her classes -  which is why elements of her class can feel like mini workshops(!) Katy will often encourage you to talk to each other and use partner work during classes as she is passionate about yoga's ability to find connection- not just with individuals' bodies, breath + mind, but to also connect to the people and world around them- she strongly believes that the combination of both is the key to spiritual growth.  One of her greatest hopes is that  we are able to  build friendships, and community, in and outside of the classroom!

Katy classes are playful and creative and have a strong focus on safe alignment in every pose. The heart opening and self affirming Universal Principals of Anusara Yoga can be applied to every style of yoga, be it dynamic, restorative or somewhere in-between (!) Expect to use props, make new friends and have a bit of fun during class!